Get out. Think! – we take it literally. That’s why we are open air & open minded. In the first creative congress of its kind we start where others stop. We bring you together in a unique, open atmosphere. No big stages with standard lectures, no scripted question rounds, no marketing lectures. If you have a question, ask it, or even better, discuss it with our speakers and other participants.

On our festival grounds we create, under the open sky, an extraordinary projection surface for new ideas. Everyone is welcome here, always and everywhere, because there are no doors or halls. Are you interested in a panel? Then just stay there. You want to get a taste of another topic? Then have a look. And get yourself an ice cream.


The source of inspiration: diversity. We would like to give you the context that your ideas need. Interdisciplinary & disruptive. Because sometimes an idea doesn’t come from your specialist area, but perhaps from the plate of a star chef? Or from the quotation of a philosopher. What is the reason for this? Because our lives don’t happen in drawers. And if our speakers are already there, why not address and discuss them right away? Exactly. Why not?


“Today the head dances, tomorrow the legs.” Anja Backhaus, the host of our Main Stage, hit the bull’s eye with it. Where other congresses want to become festivals, we have been for a long time. For almost fifteen years. The Open Source Festival makes a lot of things different – and a lot right.

It offers pop music formats and creativity a forum that is so rare. Always ahead of the pulse, always authentic and approachable. And the Congress the day before is a new facet of this new creative school.


Without creativity there is no innovation there is no economy. A clear relationship, a simple equation. We bring you the change of perspective to become creative in our networked, constantly changing world. Whether business model, design idea, or digital revolution. We open the box and go where no thought has ever been before.


One thought, many thinkers. You expand your network literally with us. Because what brings people together here is not a common industry in which you work, but a common mindset that wants to advance ideas. Diversity at the highest level, without artificial interest. All OSF CONGRESS participants want to change something, that’s why they are here. And you in the middle, or next to the stage in conversation with one of our speakers.

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Horse race track Düsseldorf
July 12, 2019 \ 9am – 9pm