Keynote + Panel

Abraham Abbi Asefaw

Founder The Pop
Up Agency

An agency that solves problems within 48 hours? Concepts and ideas on call? Abraham Abbi Asefaw is breaking new ground with his Pop Up Agency.

Abraham Abbi Asefaw founded two agencies before he was 30 years old. Today he works for clients such as Facebook, adidas, Nissan and Sky. Abraham leads @thepopupagency, a model that is located in the area of conflict between traditional agency, brand consulting, customer insight specialist and business innovation partner. His goal: to redefine the role of creatives and the way we use creativity in business. Abraham teaches at some of the world’s best-known creative schools, works for the United Nations and other organizations that drive change, and is a much sought-after, award-winning speaker.


“I will speak about the history and creative processes that led to the Pop Up Agency. I would also like to discuss the future of creativity and how the collective creative potential can be further enhanced.”

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12. Juli 2019 \ 9-21 Uhr