Keynote + Panel

Aya Jaff

Programmer & Consultant for Digitization / Tech

Around the world in a hyperloop! Stops: Silicon Valley, Hamburg, Dublin, Madrid and many more. In between: Programming. Founding. Empowering. Wow!

Aya Jaff is the founder of CoDesign Factory GmbH, a consulting firm that sends programmers, creative people, scientists and influencers to companies to help them digitalize. Before that, the 23-year-old worked in Silicon Valley and Hamburg as a computer programmer, among others for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, but also as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for non-profit organizations such as the stock market simulation Tradity. Aya also studies Sinology and Economics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and writes Moneymakers, a book about the financial and tech world that will be published this summer. ZEIT respectfully calls her Mrs. Code, in t3n magazine she was represented in the 20 under 20 Digital Pioneers and at Business Punk Magazine she made it onto the cover.


“Why career should be a byproduct…”


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OSF Congress

Galopprennbahn Düsseldorf
12. Juli 2019 \ 9-21 Uhr