Carl Öhman

PhD Candidate, University of Oxford, Digital Ethics Lab

Ethics and morality in the digital age: A great challenge even during one’s lifetime! But what happens to our data after death? (Where) Do they stay – and who has access to them?

Carl Öhman is a PhD student at the Oxford Internet Institute, where he is part of the Digital Ethics Lab. Carl’s research deals with the ethical and political challenges posed by the growing number of “digital human remains” on the Internet, i.e. the data left behind by deceased users. These include issues of post-mortem privacy, the right of access and control over the deceased’s personal data, and the relationship between information and time.


“Everything we do online leaves traces of data – traces that remain on the Internet even after our death. But do the dead have a right to privacy? What do we do with the hundreds of millions of social media profiles that belong to the dead? And who owns our digital life after death?”

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