Frank &
Patrik Riklin

Concept Artists & CEOs Atelier für Sonderaufgaben

Two brothers, one discipline: Artonomy – as a field of action between art and economy! With absurd concepts, absolute passion and without compromise.

Frank and Patrik Riklin were born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland. In 1999 the twins founded the studio for special tasks with the aim of producing independent and uncompromising art and performing special tasks for which no one really feels responsible. Frank and Patrik Riklin present themselves as actors between art, society and economy. They claim that art must have a function and invent the discipline of artonomy – a kind of field of action between art and business, without art bending or compromising. The Riklin brothers cooperate with public institutions and companies and develop ideas that create new realities. In this way, they not only create a certain independence from classical art financing, but also provoke uncertainty about the characteristics of their profession. In 2018, together with entrepreneur Florian Wieser, they founded Artonomie AG as an artistic sculpture in the economic region.


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