Fridays for Future / Luca Samlidis

Climate activists

Climate concerns us all and it is admirable how young people work to save the world. We should provide them with a forum and listen!

Since the end of 2018, the Fridays for Future movement has advocated a more ambitious climate policy and compliance with the 1.5 °C target. Every Friday, thousands of young people strike at schools and universities to draw attention to the impending climate crisis. The movement has a global presence on every continent in the world. “Fridays for Future” embodies the firm will of a political youth to save the future of all present and future generations. The youth movement stands united behind science and demands that decision-makers finally consider the undisputed scientific findings regarding climate change in real political terms.
Luca Samlidis (19) is an activist from Bonn and, in addition to his commitment to the climate movement, a moderator and journalist. He studies political science, sociology and international communication sciences.

“The climate crisis threatens us all and requires rapid countermeasures. The situation is so serious that even striking at educational institutions is a suitable means of building up pressure. The forum that young people have never had in politics, the demonstrators now take to the streets – with concrete and ambitious, but realizable demands.”


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