Guido van Dijk &
Jan Fasen

Founder & Developer
Agora Niekée School

The school of tomorrow? Digital classroom? Maybe even agile learning? How can this work? An example from the Netherlands leads the way!

Guido van Dijk and Jan Fasen play a key role in Agora Niekée School, one of the most innovative public schools in the Netherlands. The school, which currently has over 550 pupils and 60 staff, teaches without a fixed syllabus by facing up to its own challenges and relies on active support from parents.

Guido is a developer at Agora, has a degree in mathematics and computer science and is an experienced Scrum trainer (www.agileineducation.org) in building effective teacher teams at the school.

Jan is one of the founders of the school, has a psychological background and is a product owner of Agora. He is a school principal, an active member of the team and has been involved in the transformation of the traditional education system from teacher-centred to learner-centred education for many years.

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