Maria Lorenz

Founder & CEO
Pool Artists

Are you even listening to me? Or him? Or her? Whether while jogging, in the car or alone in the toilet – podcasts educate. Entertain. Enrich. Or just sound good.

Maria Lorenz is founder and CEO of the podcast production company Pool Artists with its own studio in Berlin. Pool Artists produces a variety of successful podcasts such as Gästeliste Geisterbahn, all podcasts for ZEIT Online, Faking Hitler, Season 1 and 2 of Dunkle Heimat, WIMAF – Wiedersehen macht Freude, Ich hau ab, Songpoeten und Zwei Nasen Tanken. In addition, Maria advises many clients and supports them both in the creation and production of external podcast projects. As one of the industry’s leading experts, she has a significant influence on the German podcast landscape.

Fotocredit © Patricia Haas

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