Talk + Panel

Matze Hielscher

Circus Director
Mit Vergnügen

Let’s try it with pleasure! From someone who moved out and did everything he enjoys: on soundcloud, on the web and in the club.

Matze Hielscher, who is actually called Mathias, laid the foundation for his later career as a wall newspaper editor in the second grade. In eighth grade school radio and school parties followed. Today he does all this – only bigger and different. On the one hand there is his digital city magazine Mit Vergnügen (With Pleasure), which regularly provides Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne with everything important to know. Then there’s his podcast, Hotel Matze, in which he constantly meets new interesting people and tries to find out how they think. And from time to time Matze also organizes the legendary Mit Vergnügen parties, which spread the previous.


„I will interview someone I do not know well enough yet. And I want to change that.“


Fotocredit: © Frederic Schwilden

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