Talk + Panel

Milena Glimbovski

CEO Original Unverpackt & Ein guter Plan

Big garbage? Small garbage? Avoidable garbage! Against the curse of the throwaway society: packaging. And for an attentive togetherness!

Milena Glimbovski has brought the packaging-free supermarket Original Unverpackt to Berlin and made it successful. The lateral entry into the food retail trade enabled her to look at the industry with different eyes – and to find a solution for a well-known problem: The supermarket gets by without disposable packaging. It opened as early as 2014 in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is now a model for many similar models throughout Germany. There is now also an online shop, a magazine and an online course. Together with her team, Milena is also working on her own products for a garbage-free everyday life. She is co-editor of the mindfulness calendar Ein guter Plan. In 2018 Milena was voted Entrepreneur of the Year.


“Only a few dare to start a business at 22 – I did it because I was young and naive and that was a good thing. Sometimes blind actionism is the better, more efficient way. Today I am happy about it, and would like to give other people the courage to find their way, to question it and if necessary to go it as well. How I organize myself, work only part-time, find time for my small family and still manage two companies successfully and inspire employees to stay with us for a long time, about all of this you will learn in the interview.”


Fotocredit: © Christian Kielmann

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