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Sophie Passmann

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Old white men are quickly offended. So Sophie takes a look at that. With charm and expertise. And a radio voice. And a sharpened pencil. What a woman!

Sophie Passmann is 25 years old and for her age already quite busy. After graduating from high school and completing an internship at Radio Offenburg, she studied political science and philosophy. Today Sophie is a presenter at 1LIVE, has her own column in ZEIT magazine, publishes the podcast Die Schaulustigen together with ZEIT’s deputy editor-in-chief Mathias Kalle and belongs to the cast of NEO Magazin Royale. According to her, she finds texts about her generation just as boring as Snapchat. That’s why she writes about old white men, the book of the same name was published by KiWi in spring 2019. As part of a new generation of feminists, she goes out and meets precisely those men and tries to understand: “Are you an old white man and if so – why?

Photo credit © Patrick Desbrosses

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