Dr. Stefan Klein

Physicist, Philosopher & Author

Germany’s most successful scientific author Dr. Stefan Klein not only reports from his latest book “We will fall in love with robots”, but also takes a look at the world situation – today and in the future.

Dr. Stefan Klein, born in Munich in 1965, is a physicist, philosopher and scientific author. He studied physics and analytical philosophy in Munich, Grenoble and Freiburg, received his doctorate and did research in the field of theoretical biophysics. He turned to writing because he wanted to “inspire people for a reality that is more exciting than any crime novel”. His book “Die Glückformel” (2002) was on all German bestseller lists for over a year and made the author internationally known. In the following years the highly praised bestsellers “Alles Zufall”, “Zeit”, “Da Vincis Vermächtnis oder Wie Leonardo die Welt neu erfand”, “Der Sinn des Gebens” and finally “Träume” were published.
Klein’s work has been translated into 27 languages and received numerous awards, most recently the German Reading Prize (2015). Stefan Klein is a much sought-after lecturer. For the ZEITmagazin, he regularly conducts major discussions with the world’s leading scientists. He is a visiting professor for cultural studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. Klein lives in Berlin, is married to science journalist Alexandra Rigos and has three children.

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