The first speakers

It’s speaker time!

Finally it’s time and the long wait has come to an end!
Who is already trembling close to a nervous breakdown and has chewed his fingernails completely, we can calm him from now on again. Because we proudly announce the first phase of our lineup of thinkers, creators and visionaries.

Here is a short overview of our first 6 speakers:

Sophie Passmann – Author, Moderator & Influencer
Aya Jaff – Programmer. Author & Founder CoDesign Factory
Milena Glimbovski – CEO Original Unverpackt & A good plan
Christian Friedel – Actor & Musician
Maria Lorenz – Founder & CEO Pool Artists
Matze Hielscher – Circus Director With Pleasure

On our speaker page you will find more information.
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Stay tuned, soon we will publish the next phase of the lineup!